Sotirios Kalamitsis

Law Firm

Our Wealth

Our library is a priceless asset for our firm. Together with our having access to digital databases, our library enables us to scrutinize in full autonomy any legal issue whatsoever any time we need to do so and allows us to confirm the accuracy of any reference made by our adversaries or courts to case law or to bibliography.

Our Library

Our library numbers 3.000 volumes fully classified. It encompasses almost all existing law journals [Armenopoulos, Jurisprudence Archives, Labour Legislation Bulletin, Tax Legislation Bulletin, Litigation, Administrative Litigation, Greek Justice, Insurance & Labour Law Review, Social Insurance Law Review, Company & Undertakings Law Bulletin, Environmental Law Review, Condominium Law Review, Immigration Law Review, Carriage of Goods Law Review, Maritime Law Review, Public and Administrative Law Review, Greek Jurists’ Journal, Civil Procedure Law Review, Civil Law & Civil Procedure Law Applications, Administrative Law Journal, Accountant, Legal Forum, Criminal Justice, Criminal Annals, Criminal Debate, Credit & Finance Law, The Constitution, Private Law Annals], works of general reference and scope and many monographs dealing with exceptionally expert issues. It also contains legal journals which have ceased being published [New Law, Themis, Themis Code, Administrative Justice, Bank of Greece Legal Bulletin, Criminal Defense].

Digital Legal Databases

Our law firm follows technological developments and has access to the digital form of legal magazines and legal databases such as

  • Accountant
  • Tax Legislation Bulletin
  • Insurance & Labour Law Review